Spanish lessons on Whatsapp & Live with a Native Spanish-speaking Tutor.

Lessons on Whatsapp!

My name's Noelia Zaballa and I am a certified Spanish-English translator with a passion for learning and teaching languages. Many of my online students expressed their difficulties to schedule live lessons with me either because their work was too time-consuming or because they spend most of their time away from their homes. I ended up helping them via Whatsapp and I realized they could reply their responses and exercises when it was convenient for them, and also allowed us to be in touch constantly, giving them the opportunity to solve their doubts the moment they felt they had to ask.

And so, Whatsapp Lessons were born. For those of you who are intrigued by course, this is how it works:

* When you sign up for Whatsapp Lessons I'll send you a FREE first lesson according to your level to start working right away. With this lesson you'll have an understanding of what can whatsapp offer, how the course dynamics are going to be, how I can give you feedback and how you can send your questions about anything you want to talk about. 

*Whatsapp tutoring has a FLAT rate of $30 per month, which will grant you access to a wide variety of stuff:

- Lessons (Which may include Images, Sound, Video)

- Exercises (That you can solve at your own time and pace just by replying on whatsapp and get (almost) instant feedback from me!. This exercises could be either written or spoken (don't chicken out, you know you want to learn to speak!)

-Almost instant Q&A feedback. Send in your question and as soon as I can reply it, I'll get back to you with the answer.

It's really that simple and really that effective. You'll have a Spanish native-speaking tutor on your whatsapp contact list ready to answer your questions anytime, anywhere. Try me out, you won't be disappointed! [And first lesson is free!]

Sample lesson on Whatsapp with pictures and audio

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