Common Areas for Spanish and English Students

Areas comunes para estudiantes de Inglés y Español

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Speeches carefully chosen to practice your diction and pronunciation. Listen to the original speakers, listen to other students and finally record yourself !

Discursos cuidadosamente elegidos para practicar tu dicción y pronunciación. Escucha a los oradores originales, escucha a otros estudiantes y finalmente grábate a ti mismo!

If you prefer to be guided during your study or would like to take a live lesson to get help with troublesome areas of your learning, this is the course for you. The membership of $25 for this course is valid for a whole 60-minute, one-on-one  lesson with a native speaker. Feel free to ask for more information if you'd prefer more details on this service.

Global Forum for all Courses both English and Spanish. Excellent space to exchange knowledge and opinions between native speakers of both languages.